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Alef Server


All Alef configuration is done through a Web interface available on the Internet.

Our interface provides a global view of the service: the status of the probes, the traffic they are taking and the incidents they have had.

Successive screens allow you to configure the interfaces of the probes, local VLANs, tunneling for network routing or VLAN extension.

Through a web redirection system, you will be able to access services in the offices where you have probes, accessing through the alef server. The probes provide serial console ports, but also redirect other services such as web or ssh, making them visible through our server on the Internet. All with a very simple and secure configuration.

The probes also allow you to configure a content filtering service by DNS, including the safesearch functionality, in your Internet output.

Finally, we have included the web capture functionality. You can see the selected traffic in real time with a browser, or download it in a .pcap file.



Alef server Datasheet Download Alef Server Datasheet


Alef is based in physical probes distributed in remote sites connected to centralized servers. The probes can integrate several options of connectivity: Ethernet, Wifi and optionally 3G/4G. They also can provide console and Ethernet ports for additional functions.

We have two flavours of Alef:

  • Alef as a Service. You can connect the probes to our cloud servers through Internet, with full functionality without installing or maintaining any server in your network.
  • Alef on premise. With the central server installed on your Data Center, you will be able to connect the probes through your corporate network or through Internet.

We also have two main types of probes:

  • Fixed probes. For permanent installations, with several ports that allow extra network and console functions and environment monitoring
  • Portable probes. Powered by a mini USB connector and very light, for greater convenience, during a technical assistance they can be left hanging from a RJ45 o console port to which you need to access, avoiding the need of be next to the server or find a electrical outlet if you use a power bank.