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Alef 20 probes

Alef20 is the generic name of advanced probes on the Alef platform.

These probes have all the Alef functionalities, limited only by the hardware they have incorporated:

  • IPSEC tunnels for traffic routing and network extensions over VxLAN.
  • Content filtering based on DNS with Safe Search.
  • Local access by serial console, or local network connections defined by the user, such as ssh or https.
  • Traffic capture for web viewing or pcap file download.

Our development is based on Linux standards that allow us to implement it in different hardware models adapted to different needs. Thus, we have approved Alef probes on equipment with 4 Ethernet ports, 2 Ethernet ports with 3G and battery, or a single port with 3G and battery. And we can approve new equipment tailored to your project.