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Alef Server


All Alef configuration is done through a Web interface available on the Internet.

Our interface provides a global view of the service: the status of the probes, the traffic they are taking and the incidents they have had.

Successive screens allow you to configure the interfaces of the probes, local VLANs, tunneling for network routing or VLAN extension.

Through a web redirection system, you will be able to access services in the offices where you have probes, accessing through the alef server. The probes provide serial console ports, but also redirect other services such as web or ssh, making them visible through our server on the Internet. All with a very simple and secure configuration.

The probes also allow you to configure a content filtering service by DNS, including the safesearch functionality, in your Internet output.

Finally, we have included the web capture functionality. You can see the selected traffic in real time with a browser, or download it in a .pcap file.



Alef server Datasheet Download Alef Server Datasheet

About Alef10

Alef10 probe is our portable console mode access equipment through the serial port Alef10 picture
Attention - Limitations of the Alef10 probe
The connection to Alef10 is made through a simple web interface that only supports successive output of lines of text, type CLI (Command Line Interface) such as the Cisco® CLI. Currently Alef10 does not support TUI (Text-based user interface) functions like those that require editing with a "vi" program or a "top" command in Linux. If you need to use this type of consoles you can use our Alef20 probes, which provide full console access, as well as many other networking functionalities, such as VLAN routing and extension through IPSEC and VxLAN tunnels, content filtering by DNS, capture of traffic or backup of communications between LAN and 3G connections.

The Alef10-r model has two ports (RS232 male and mcroUSB), which can be connected to console ports of a device at different speeds (from 9600 to 115200 bps). Once you have configured a Wifi access, you can access the probe from our web controller and access the connected equipment in console mode, without any additional software.

The power supply of Alef10 is made through the micro USB port, which can be used simply as a power supply port or if it is connected to the USB port of a Linux device (for example), it can also be used for console access to said equipment.

Alef10 connects through a Wifi network to our server in the cloud (, using secure MQTT protocol (encrypted by TLS and with protection against man in the middle attacks).



Alef10 User Guide Alef10UserGuide.pdf