Yet Another Solution Provider of IT

Introducing Alef Platform

Alef is a plug and play solution, designed for IT administrators, which can be deployed with just one messenger and easily configured by the operators from the headquarters.
Alef provides several useful applications such as the extension of VLANs, VPNs per service or Internet access filtering. All of them can be configured very easily in all the locations in which our solution has been deployed.
Alef gives too, a backup connection to your devices, or even your network. Probes come with a backup battery with capacity for several hours and will search alternative connections to the network: Wifi, cellular networks, if there is a way to gain connection, Alef will achieve it automatically, and you will be able to access your devices and do remote troubleshooting.
You won't need to be there to see if it is a problem of the electricity, the line, the router or a bad command that someone executed. You will be able to make a complete troubleshooting remotely and send, if necessary, the right specialist.

We live the IT administrators needs

We are a young company, formed in Madrid, Spain, of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in IT departments of large public and private organizations.
We have worked in a very technical field, but also as managers of large projects. Especially as customers, but also as suppliers.
Our solutions are based on the needs we have identified in our professional expertise, and other providers have not adequately resolved.
Chema Dominguez
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